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What People are saying about Rulien's Lost Muse Buffalo Straps...

    Good gracious alive!!! strap looks AMAZING!!! Great quality...awesome fit...the nicest strap I have ever owned. It has truly been a pleasure working with you. You have created EXACTLY what I envisioned. Know that "Annie" will be treasured and proudly passed down in my family for generations to come.
    Skip Bennett

    Kim does an incredible job making truly unique and personalized straps. She is a genuine talent and a joy to work with.
    John Driskell Hopkins
    Zac Brown Band
    Atlanta, GA

    I LOVE my amazing guitar strap! The amber gems are magical and the leather is so soft it already feels like it's part of my body. My guitar playing is easier and faster, too, since the strap does the polite work of holding my guitar for me. Everyone loves the look of the strap, too. I am in awe of your craftmanship! I'll order again!
    - Dr. Joe Vitale, star of the movie The Secret, bestselling author, singer-songwriter
     love it!!


Hi Kim, It’s arrived. Wow……….I don’t know what to say. It’s absolutely beautiful, you are a true craftsman or craftslady or craftsperson or whatever you want to call it. It fit’s and looks so good on my guitar, the length is just right and the design and choice of the amber is perfect. It must have taken hours of work! I love the name you have given this design, it sums up the Om symbol and for me will be a reminder of George Harrison’s wonderful songs.
Kris P. (England)


Hey Kim,
Just got home and got the strap!!!! It is seriously unbelievable! This is the coolest thing I have ever seen! The length/width everything is absolutely perfect! I knew I was going to love it but I am blown away...great job! Thank you so much
Thank you a million times over!!!
Stevie Monce (Georgia)

Notes from the South Seas...
What can I say?  Kim, the one-woman show that is Ruliens Lost Muse is brilliant....
(And don’t let the 'Lost' in Lost Muse' confuse... her muse is solidly grounded.)
I have had the same high quality (but plain) leather strap attached to my '74' D-35 for more years than I can remember, and was reasonably content until I ran across this website; As the lady says, "You don't hang a Diamond on a shoestring..."
I am now the proud owner of three of her creations; each meticulously handcrafted, and each the result of a mutual collaboration in which she listened carefully to my ideas, and was graciously patient with my changes.
By working on the designs together via scanned drawings and digital pictures, we turned my visions into impressive reality, and my guitars are so happy now they even sound better. (Well, maybe it’s just me...)
A 'Diamond on a shoestring' indeed......
Plenty Mahalos Kim!
Denver Davis (Hawaii)

Hello Kimberlie,
For Christmas my husband gave me the very beautiful Scorpio guitar strap you made and I love it! I was so excited to open that gift and I was very surprised! It is perfect for me and my guitar! Thank you for the incredible strap! I really enjoy showing it off to folks!
Kariann (Minnesota)

 Hi Kim!
I am absolutely loving the strap. Not only does it look great but it's really comfortable...definitely a plus for those 4hr+ gigs!
Thanks again!
Sam Thacker (Georgia)

I got it! I absolutely love it! It's perfect!
JT (Texas)

Hi Kim,
She loved it. Thank you for creating such a wonderful piece of art!
Thank You,
Jean Farrell (Minnesota)

Kim, I got the strap yesterday. My goodness the pictures didn’t do it justice. Can’t tell you how impressed I am with it, great job.
To me it feels of a very personal nature…it will be taken care of.
Thank you so much,
Victor (Texas)

Picked up the strap last nite on my way home
So drumroll please… Dahhling, it looks Fabulous! Seriously blondie, very nice work.. It's just as cool as I envisioned it, and that’s not an easy goal to achieve.
And now I have a Buffalo hump strap! How cool is that!
Take care Guerra!
Denver Davis (Hawaii)

Kim, I have it. It's awesome! I love perfectly straight out of the box....looks great and feels great.
I already have an idea for strap number 2.
Ted (Alabama)

Hello Kimberlie
He was absolutely delighted with strap and has rung and texted me a number of times subsequently about it. In particular he is taken with the photographic history you included and I always knew that would make it extra special.
Thanks so much once again
Simon B (England)

Mele Kalikimaka Kimberlie!
The strap arrived today – definitely the nicest thing I’ll be getting this year! It is absolutely beautiful and the length is perfect! I’m certain you’ll be hearing from my soon-to-be-envious band mates once they check it out!
Mahalo nui loa!
Have yourself a merry little Christmas……
Ha’ole Makahiki Hou!
Brian (Hawaii)

Hi, Kimberlie!!
Sarah LOVED her strap!! She was completely blown away by how much thought and effort went into surprised that you had put her signature on it, NO one at the party could believe the detail you put into it! None of them had ever seen such a beautiful guitar strap! Sarah said she can't walk by her guitar now without staring at it and wanting to pick it up and play...
We both want to thank you again for all your hard work and imagination on this truly is a VERY SPECIAL piece of "Art for her Guitar!"
Sandra (Texas)

Got em!!
Awesome they are
Jeff (Minnesota)

Hey Kim,
The strap got here in about three days... Absolutely cool! Just thought I'd get a quick letter to you and thank you again for your talent, and tell you again how glad I am to have met you (Cosmically speaking) The straps fit the whole 'Tropical/Southwestern Dawg theme! 
T.D. (Hawaii)




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